used modular cleanrooms


How to get your cleanroom cleaned with your own pair of shoes

You may have been looking to get rid of all your messy cleanrooms and tidy up the place.But a new brand of modular cleanroom cleaner is promising to do just that.A company called Nautilus has developed a cleaner that...

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Clean room accessories

How To Make Your Cleanroom Look Like A New Office

Cleanroom design has become a key component of any office.But what if you wanted to make your cleanroom look like a new office?In this post, we’ll show you how to create a cleanroom with modular design and a clean...

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Clean room equipment

P&G wants to set up 1,000 ‘cleanroom hubs’ to cater to foodies

P&G wants a “cleanroom” that is both an organic, non-polluting, sustainable and low-carbon source of fresh food for the entire world, the global company said today.The grocery giant wants to open a new 1,500-square-metre facility in New Delhi to...

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