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Clean room equipment

How to build your own ‘Cleanroom’ carts

The world’s first cleanroom cart is available for purchase at a price of £199, according to eBay, but its creator says it’s the first of its kind in the UK.The cart, called the Green Cleanroom, uses an internal system...

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How to Clean Your AirKey AirKey Cleanroom Products

Now Playing: Apple Watch: The iPhone 7 Plus vs. the iPhone 7S review Now Playing.Now Playing iPhone 7: How to upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 Now Playing Apple says it has updated the way it processes data...

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Anti-static service

Which is better: a tablet with cleanroom and a computer with a cleaning job?

There are a lot of cleanroom-related gadgets out there, from cleaning the floor of your office to cleaning the carpets of your house.But while you can clean your home, the task of cleaning your office can be even more...

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Clean room accessories

UK cleanroom tool bags to be available at all UK airports

The new tool bags will be available for use by anyone in the UK, including those arriving from outside the country.Gordon Cleanroom products are designed to provide a range of cleaning products and products that can be applied directly...

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