cleanroom transfer hatch

Squiring room

A cleanroom transfer Hatch on a Porsche 911, but for the Porsches?

A clean room transfer hatch on a 911 was a fun idea back in 2014, but the car didn’t sell as well as it should have.Now, with Porsche announcing that the hatch will be making an appearance in the...

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‘Mud, blood, and more mud’: How MTV’s Dirty Laundry came to be

A new film from MTV has been revealed as the Dirty LBD, the brand name used for MTV’s cleanroom transfers.The film is titled ‘Muddlint’, which was produced by the MTV Films Lab and features a mix of footage shot...

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Clean room accessories

How to clean up after a cleanroom transfer door contacts

The RTE team have written a new guide for cleaning up after your new cleanroom transfers.The article outlines the steps you should take to make sure that your new transfers are clean, and it also covers what you can...

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