cleanroom sterile suits

Clean room equipment

When a company does a cleanroom job

Cleanrooms are often a big part of the corporate culture, but the technology behind them is often overlooked.Here’s a look at some of the latest technologies that make them possible.article The workstation has always been a key part of...

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Clean room accessories

Al Jazeera’s ‘Cleanroom Cleanse’ to be rolled out across UK’s hospitals

Al Jazeera has teamed up with a UK hospital to roll out a cleanroom cleaner called Cleanroom Clean, which will be offered in England and Wales, as well as in Scotland and Northern Ireland.The cleanroom cleaners, which are designed...

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Squiring room

How to clean your car for a fraction of the cost

Clean your car with just one of these cleaning kits.These disposable cleaners are made from food-grade aluminium and are perfect for the office and other tasks that require quick cleaning.They’re available in a variety of sizes and flavours.The size...

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