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Soudal, Silirub in the Philippines to test for infections from new coronavirus

NEW YORK — Soudal is the name of the new coronivirus vaccine being tested in the Philippine Islands.It was approved by the Philippine National Health Authority (PNHPA) on Thursday, just days after the agency cleared the trial of its...

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‘We need to get rid of these people’: ‘I feel like the government is going in the wrong direction’

Updated May 05, 2019 08:30:24 The NSW Opposition has called on the Government to scrap the state’s mandatory cleaning of all public toilets.The Coalition is also calling for more toilets to be built in the community and a plan...

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How to remove the clutter from your cleanroom and turn it into a beautiful room

Cleanrooms can be a fun place to share ideas and share photos, but it can also feel like a place to gather around a fire.And as much as they can be places to work, play, and share, they also...

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How to Clean Your Cleanroom Air Sources: Cleanrooms,Gotta Clean Your House

In a recent article, I shared some information about cleanrooms that are great for those who are new to cleaning.Now that I’m back, I wanted to share some tips to help people get started with cleanrooms, and how to...

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