biofit cleanroom chairs

Clean room equipment

When you’re a biofit, you get to wear the seat of your choice

Clean room airflow visualization and biofit chairs are two of the best ways to get the most out of your day at work.The two options are available at your local health department, and each offer a different level of...

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Anti-static service

How to build a biofit program for your home gym

Cleanroom chairs and chairs are becoming a staple in many home gyms.This article takes you through the process of building your own custom workout chairs and discusses the best biofitness program for each chair and how to install them.Cleanroom...

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Clean room accessories

Biofit: How BioFit Works

A new BioFit certification program has raised awareness about the health benefits of using biofeedback, a method of stimulating the body to improve physical fitness and reduce stress.BioFit was launched last month in the United States and is a...

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Squiring room

New York City health officials say more than 200 patients with cancer are in stable condition after being treated in biofit scrubbed room

NEW YORK — More than 200 people with cancer have been stabilized in a biofit room in a Brooklyn hospital after they were treated in a facility that is the brainchild of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.“I’m pleased...

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How the world’s first cleanroom is taking shape

The first cleanrooms in the world will be built in a US suburb of Dallas, the US city that hosts the largest indoor indoor cleanroom facility in the country.Key points:Cleanrooms at the site will feature natural light and a...

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