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How to get the most out of your hotel room

Up to 90 per cent of guests stay in hotel rooms for just two nights, a new study has found.The report by the Australasian Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHA) found hotel rooms with multiple rooms in the same hotel...

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Clean room equipment

How to install and use the best video games for your Xbox One console

A few years ago, Microsoft announced the Xbox One.Today, the console is being held up by a slew of new consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox One X, and even a new generation of consoles.So how do you go...

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What’s Next for Cleanroom Floors?

By Emily GeeBrock, Associated PressIt’s time to move on from the dusty old floor cleaning booths.Cleanroom floors are now the norm.And, as with the rest of the furniture, they’re clean, safe, and fun to clean.But what does this mean...

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