Soudal, Silirub in the Philippines to test for infections from new coronavirus

NEW YORK — Soudal is the name of the new coronivirus vaccine being tested in the Philippine Islands.

It was approved by the Philippine National Health Authority (PNHPA) on Thursday, just days after the agency cleared the trial of its experimental vaccine.

Soutal is one of a handful of vaccines under the PNHPA’s program to develop new vaccines and other vaccines.

“We are taking a very careful approach to ensure the safety of our citizens.

There will be no side effects,” PNHPA Director General Ronald dela Rosa said.

A PNPHPA official said it will not reveal the full number of PNhPA’s test participants until after the PNP approves the vaccine.

The official said the trial is expected to be completed in a few weeks.

The trial is aimed at vaccinating the Philippine population for the coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2 and CRS-19, which are the first new infections of the pandemic that have occurred since the beginning of the year.

Health officials in the US and Europe are testing their own vaccines.

The United Kingdom has also started testing its own vaccine, but has not yet tested the PnhPA-developed vaccine.PNNL/Reuters PNHPAC has been trying to find a way to protect people from the new virus since it began testing the PNFs coronaviral vaccine in February.

The PNF test was done after a study by the PNHPA found that the PBNL-5 vaccine did not have enough active ingredients to protect against the coroniviruses.

PNNHPA officials said the PNNL-1 vaccine will have no side effect, while the PNCP-4 and PNCL-3 vaccines are expected to have no adverse effects.

The trials are expected continue until April, Dela Rosa told reporters on Thursday.

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