You can now buy a ‘cleanroom’ to go with your shower

You might think you need a cleanroom for the rest of your day to get rid of your sweat and body odor, but you can now get one for free, thanks to a new app.

The app, called GerBig Cleanrooms, has been launched in the US, UK and Germany, and will be available for free on Thursday.

GerBig Cleanroom is a free app that can cleanse your shower, bath and bedroom, and has a free version that comes with a shower head.

The company has raised $30 million in funding, and says it is aiming to have a fully-featured cleanroom by 2020.

GerBlast Cleanrooms has raised about $20 million in capital, and is aiming for a fully functional cleanroom within three years, according to the company’s website.

The free version of GerBlast is available in the Apple App Store, and the paid version is available on Google Play.

The GerBlaster Cleanroom, a £40 device, is available for $59.99 ($99.99) with a 30-day trial.

The firm is also currently selling a free trial of its new product, the GerBlaze Cleanroom.

The device is available now, and offers a range of cleaning and air purifying devices including a toilet, shower, showerhead, a washing machine and a washing basket.

Gerblaze Cleanrooms is a “premium” cleanroom, with a $149 price tag, and includes a toilet and shower.