What we learned about the new Adidas cleanroom clothes

Cleanrooms are becoming increasingly popular, and a new Adidas shoe from the luxury brand has caught the eye of fans who want to see how the new shoe will look.

The new Adidas Cleanroom is made with a soft-touch leather upper and leather outsoles that come in two different color options, and it comes with a special white/black shoe design.

The shoe comes in a black or grey version.

The shoe will cost around $110, and comes with the same rubber outsole as the new Cleanroom, which is said to be better than the previous version.

The shoes also feature a new heel that is wider than the standard version.

As we’ve reported, Adidas has recently introduced a new sneaker called the Air Zoom.

The sneaker is available now, but we don’t have a firm release date yet.

We’ll update this story if we do.

The shoes are a big hit with fans, and Adidas has now launched a new collection of shoes that are supposed to be even better than this shoe.

Check out the new cleanroom shoes below: