‘We need to get rid of these people’: ‘I feel like the government is going in the wrong direction’

Updated May 05, 2019 08:30:24 The NSW Opposition has called on the Government to scrap the state’s mandatory cleaning of all public toilets.

The Coalition is also calling for more toilets to be built in the community and a plan for a new $3.5 million toilet in Sydney’s north-east.

It has also been proposed that the state Government should allow councils to provide free sanitary pads to all households.

Mr Dutton said that if a new plan was not made public by the end of this year, he would ask the Treasurer to introduce legislation that would allow the state to build up to 20 new toilets in the next two years.

He said that the Government needs to have a plan before it starts to build the facilities.

“We’ve got to get this right, we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Mr Ducho said.

“It is clear to me that the State Government, in the meantime, needs to look at its options and see what’s the best thing for the people of NSW.”

Mr Duchin said he wanted to know if the Government was willing to work with community groups to build a new toilet in the future.

“There needs to be a plan to build toilets,” he said.

“And it’s not only for the homeless people who live in the public toilets; there needs to also be a new one for those who have nowhere else to go.”

A spokesman for Mr Duchenos said he was not prepared to comment on the specific plan proposed by Mr Duttington.

“The Government’s position is that the need for more facilities is great and that there are some facilities that are needed more than others, but this is a new building and there’s more work to be done,” he wrote in an email.

The spokesman said that Mr Duti had not yet made any comments on the plan and had not given a date for the first public toilet.

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