How to get the most out of your hotel room

Up to 90 per cent of guests stay in hotel rooms for just two nights, a new study has found.

The report by the Australasian Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHA) found hotel rooms with multiple rooms in the same hotel had a high rate of disrepair, with rooms ranging from “frequent” to “troubled”.

AHA’s chief executive, Simon Brown, said the findings were “unprecedented” in the industry.

“We’ve never seen this in the hospitality industry,” Mr Brown said.

“I think we’re going to see a real shift in how people think about their hotel rooms.

The AHA survey surveyed more than 10,000 hotel room owners, with data on repairs and occupancy rates for each room.

Mr Brown said the report showed hotel room occupancy rates in Melbourne were “not particularly high” but the industry needed to be more proactive about fixing problems and “taking action to address the problems before they become more widespread”.

The report also found more than a third of hotel rooms were found to be “out of date” with no bedding, no carpeting, no toilet paper, no curtains, no washstands and no washing machine.

AHA chief executive Simon Brown says the study showed more than 90 per c…

Posted by AHA on Sunday, March 12, 2020 14:15:49AHA CEO Simon Brown said in a statement that hotel rooms in hotels had a “high rate of failure” and that the findings showed hotels needed to improve.

He said that the report revealed that more than 95 per cent rooms in hotel hotels were “frequently” and “tried and tested” with a high level of cleaning.

As well as the report on hotel rooms, Mr Brown also said the association’s “Hotel Operators Association” (HOAs) was working with hotels to improve the hotel environment.

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