Whyte has a cleanroom in its offices

RTE 2 The first to break the news was that the latest generation of Apple Watch faces will feature cleanroom buttons on the face.

The company is now reportedly working on the idea of an Apple Watch app for cleaning up and deleting photos and videos.

There is also talk of a clean room on the Apple Watch, where you can take a screenshot, and delete that image.

Apple Watch faces that feature the cleaner feature have also reportedly been spotted in the Apple app store, as well as a “Clean Up” feature in the watch app.

It is not yet clear how cleanroom functionality will be incorporated into the new Apple Watch face, but the new design appears to be designed to reduce the clutter of the Apple App Store.

Apple is reportedly working to add a cleaner feature to the Apple watch app in the next update, but we have reached out to Apple for comment on the topic.

Apple Watch apps for cleaning are one of many new features introduced by Apple in the past few months.

In May, the company added an “App Store Clean Up” option, which allows you to remove images and videos from the Apple store, remove apps, and view previously deleted photos.

Last week, the iPhone maker also announced a feature that allows users to delete unwanted app data and photos, including photos and music.