Which is the best cleanroom for you?

Cleanrooms are a must in most households because they can keep the air clean and the room tidy.

But some people prefer a less cluttered environment.

The BBC’s The Weekend Live is looking at the best of the best in different homes and homes for the BBC.

“If I have a large kitchen, I want to be able to use that space for cooking and cleaning, but also have a place to have my washing and laundry done and a little place for storage,” said Rachel, from Newcastle.

“The smaller the space, the less space I have to get in the way.

The more space, that makes a bigger space.

And the more space you have, the more you can move things around.”

Rachel said she would love to have her own bedroom and had already started planning to make it her own.

“I have a few other rooms that I want in the house and I’ve got a little shed in there, so I want that as well,” she said.

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