UK tech startup UK Softwall has raised $15m from the likes of Intel, Intel’s former chief executive Andrew Barr, Microsoft, and Qualcomm.

The UK-based tech company UKSoftwall, founded in 2015, has raised an undisclosed sum of funding.

The company, which sells cleanroom equipment and other tools for cleaning up air and water in residential and commercial buildings, was founded to help businesses manage water and air quality.

The firm has said it plans to roll out its product to commercial buildings in the UK and the US in the next two years.

The funding comes after the firm announced it had signed a licensing deal with Microsoft.

Microsoft said the deal will allow it to provide Microsoft-branded hardware to cleanroom owners.

UK’s technology was first used by the company to help clean up a polluted air and soil in London, which it has been trying to do for years.

“Microsoft has been a big supporter of cleanroom technology and technology startups since its inception and we’re excited to have their support,” UK CEO Andy Frewer said.

“We are looking forward to continuing to bring this new technology to our customers across the UK.”