ISO 5 cleanrooms are a disaster

An official from the ISO 5 Cleanroom Program said Thursday that the cleanrooms have created a dangerous and costly “disruption to the public health.”

The ISO 5 program has been trying to get cleanrooms off the ground for more than a year.

The ISO 5 Program has already started to run cleanrooms on sites that it considers unsafe, but the agency is now trying to put more cleanrooms in locations where they will be safe.

The cleanrooms will be set up in hotels and apartment complexes, with cleanrooms scheduled to begin operating in the coming weeks.

ISO 5 President Mark Siegel said in a statement that while it has “many good things going for it,” “it is a challenge to get the program off the land in time to keep cleanrooms going.”

The cleanroom program, which is a joint effort between ISO 5, the United Nations Environmental Program, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the World Health Organization, will cost more than $300 million over the next three years, according to the statement.

Cleanrooms are being set up to help reduce COVID-19 transmission by providing free air and water.

In a statement, the ISO said that cleanrooms can be “invisible to the outside world” and “offer the possibility for public health and sanitation improvements in developing countries.”

But Siegel stressed that the program is not a solution for everyone and said that the agency will continue to look at ways to help cleanrooms work better.

Read more about the COVID virus outbreak at Breitbart News.

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