How to clean a pharmaceutical cleanroom

A pharmaceutical clean room design, called a “cleanroom gown,” is an innovative solution to cleaning up pharmaceutical waste. 

This design was created by pharmaceutical cleaning house and design studio, CleanRoom.

The cleanroom dress allows pharmaceutical workers to take their clothes off while the drug is being removed from the container. 

A company called CleanRoom designed and built the dress and has sold over 1,000 pairs. 

The dress has a unique design that blends into the surroundings of a pharmaceutical cleaning facility to reduce air pollution. 

“It’s really a very elegant design that takes a lot of effort to put together and then to have that garment be able to be used in a drug clean room,” CleanRoom’s Rob Moseley told Business Insider. 

He said this design is particularly useful in conjunction with the cleanroom display at a pharmaceutical facility. 

Moseley said the dress can be used to clean the walls and floors of a drug cleaning facility, which can remove dust, bacteria and other unwanted materials from the area. 

“[It] is really a beautiful piece of work that you could put in the corner of a pharmacy and you could have the dress hanging there and not have it be visible,” Mosely said. 

CleanRoom has been working on its dress for the past few years. 

In 2014, the company was awarded a patent for a solution that could eliminate air pollution from a pharmaceutical cleansing facility.

The patent is pending. 

According to Moselyn, Cleanroom has been experimenting with a dress design for the last year.

He said the company has tested the dress at a large pharmaceutical cleaning center in the US and found it to be a popular solution. 

So far, the dress has been used at a number of pharmaceutical cleaning facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes. 

I don’t think there is anything like it in the world, Moseyle said.

I think that is going to continue to be the case because this is a very exciting product and a very interesting idea, Mossey said.

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