Which is the Best Wall Mounted Wall Cleaning Machine?

As part of the Wall Mounting & Wall Removal Program, the American Institute of Home Architects (AIAA) invited the nation’s top designers to compete for a grand prize in the annual “Wall Mounted Cleaning Equipment of the Year” contest.

Winners will be announced on November 20.

“The AIAA Wall Mount Mounted Powerwall Cleaning Competition is an annual contest that seeks to honor the hard work and dedication of builders and contractors who dedicate their lives to the safe and efficient installation of high quality wall mounted powerwall cleaners, powerwashing and other wall cleaning equipment, according to the AIAAs website,” reads a press release from the organization.

“The winners will be revealed on November 17.”

The winning machines will be showcased at the annual AIAAC conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., on November 22-23.

The AIAACA is an international association of builders, contractors and other professionals dedicated to advancing the profession.

The contest is open to American and international builders, electricians, contractors, electrician installers, wall-mounting experts and other experts.

The winning wall mounted cleaners will be awarded the AITC “Wall & Wall Cleaner of the year” trophy and will receive a full $10,000 prize, which will be distributed among the winning projects.

The winners of the contest will be chosen by the AIOA Board of Directors and will be recognized at AIAAA’s annual conference, which is scheduled to take place November 17-20 in New York.

The event, which runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., will be streamed online and televised by Fox Business Network.

The winner of the AIEA WallMounted Powerwashing of the week contest will receive $500.

The “Wall Cleaning of the Week” contest is also open to the public, and will award a $10 gift certificate to a registered customer.

The Wall Mountable Cleaning Contest will be held in conjunction with the annual American Institute for Home Architects Wall Mount & Wall Installation Awards Ceremony, which takes place November 18-20.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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