‘Hannibal’ Producer: I’d Like To See Me Do ‘L.A. Law’ Again

We’ve had our share of great episodes of Hannibal, but we haven’t really gotten to see what happens next.

That all changed with the premiere of season two of AMC’s hit drama.

In a series of interviews, executive producer Bryan Fuller revealed that he’s not done yet with the long-running drama, even after having written the first five episodes.

Fuller was also asked if he would be interested in doing a spinoff show, and if it were possible to bring back one of the show’s characters.

Fuller replied that he was interested in it, but he wouldn’t do it right away.

He said, “I’ve never really felt like I’m in the middle of doing it, so maybe in the future.”

Fuller said he was still exploring ways to do the show justice, but was also open to it being “one of those things where we go, ‘I’m going to take a page from this show and do a few things with it.'”

Fuller told The Hollywood Reporter, “This is my life, and I’m going where the story takes me.”

Fuller also said that he’d love to work with director James Mangold on a project that involves Hannibal.

Fuller said, “[Mangold] is the sort of guy who would be the right kind of storyteller to bring that out, and [with] that sort of stuff, it would be a fun story to tell.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what Fuller is going to do with Hannibal this time.

The actor said that a new season of Hannibal would take place in the ’60s, and Fuller confirmed that he’ll be “doing some new things in the world of the ’50s and ’60 ’70s.”