Al Jazeera’s ‘Cleanroom Cleanse’ to be rolled out across UK’s hospitals

Al Jazeera has teamed up with a UK hospital to roll out a cleanroom cleaner called Cleanroom Clean, which will be offered in England and Wales, as well as in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The cleanroom cleaners, which are designed for medical and nursing staff, are a partnership between the London Healthcare Foundation and Cleanroom Care, an innovative healthcare company.

According to the London healthcare foundation, CleanroomClean is designed to reduce the burden of contamination, while cleaning up any contamination found in hospitals and care homes.

“It is designed for nursing and medical staff, but it’s also useful for anyone who wants to clean up their environment,” said Robyn O’Sullivan, director of CleanroomCare, in a statement.

“It’s a completely safe product, as there is no risk to staff or patients, and it does not contain any toxic chemicals.”

The new cleanroom cleaning products will be available to hospital patients from April, while the NHS will roll out the service to the rest of the UK from the end of the year.

O’Sullivan added that the new products are “designed to be used by any medical professional in any setting”.

“They are not just designed for nurses or medical staff,” she said.

“They’re also designed to be useful for everyone who uses cleanrooms.

They’re designed to clean their surroundings, and they’re designed for every type of hospital.”‘

It’s not just about me’CleanroomClean will be rolled-out by hospitals across the UK, but will also be offered to the public in England.

Al Jazeera has asked the London Health Foundation and the Cleanroom Healthcare Foundation if they plan to offer a similar service in other parts of the country.

The London Healthcare foundation said it plans to expand Cleanroom cleaner delivery across the NHS, with the aim of offering the service in more hospitals, and also in other areas of the health service, such as the mental health sector.

“We will work with local NHS trusts to ensure that Cleanroom cleaners are available across their hospitals and in their community, and will roll them out across the country,” O’ Sullivan added.

“We will provide support to any healthcare provider who wants Cleanroomclean.”