Which pols are wearing the most expensive suits?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been the latest president to make a big splash in the world of expensive suits.

After spending $5,000 on a $100,000 suit for a New Year’s Eve bash, Biden, now a Senator, was seen wearing a $300,000 one during a fundraiser.

“I am thrilled to announce that we are going to have a $400,000 suite in the White House,” he told supporters.

Biden has since been seen wearing the suit, but has also worn a $200,000 $100k suit at a fundraiser for Republican Senator Ted Cruz. 

The suit Biden wore during the New Year event was a $90,000 model, according to the Daily Beast.

He has also reportedly worn $300k suits for political events including a $70,000 “family” suit at the Republican National Convention and a $150,000 four-piece suit that included $2,000 in cash for each of the three delegates who received a win in the 2016 primaries.