Which Cleanroom Cleaners Have Been Accidentally Poisoned?

The news comes a day after an Indian news channel aired an investigation into a group of companies that allegedly tested their products with fake ingredients.

The news comes after news emerged that a man from India, a resident of China and the chairman of the company behind the fake tests, was sentenced to seven years in jail on Tuesday for allegedly contaminating the water of an unnamed Indian city with a deadly bacteria.

The accused, identified only as Mr. V.D., was arrested in September after an investigation led by the State Public Health Bureau (SPHB) revealed the contamination, according to Indian media reports.

The company in question, M.I.L.S., was named as the “corporate offender” by the state government and was slapped with a penalty of Rs. 6.6 crore (USD 1.8 million) by the court.

In an online letter, the SPHB said that M. I. L. S. had allegedly used a variety of toxic ingredients, including benzene and chlorine, to produce a test that “can detect the presence of deadly bacteria.”

The company had been accused of creating a fake test that showed that water had a “bacterial content of 0.7 per cent,” the letter said.

The court ordered that the accused must pay a fine of Rs 6.9 crore and a fine for each contaminated person.

M.i.L., a leading purveyor of organic water products in India, said it has already started a legal process and will file an appeal.

The Indian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been notified about the contamination and has launched a probe into the incident, said Amit Agarwal, a spokesperson for the agency.

The FDA is currently reviewing the samples collected from the test, said Agarwa.

The State Public health Bureau is also investigating the incident.