US aerospace cleanroom is back in business after $15 million refurbishment

Posted September 29, 2019 05:37:00 US aerospace firm Lockheed Martin is back to its old tricks after it was awarded $15.3 million to refurbish and reopen its cleanrooms.

Key points:Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $15m refurbishment contract to renovate and reopen cleanrooms at its Australian facilityThe $15million award comes after it raised concerns over the facility’s qualityKey pointsLockheedMartin is one of a handful of aerospace firms that have been awarded funding for refurbishment at its facilitiesThe deal includes a new glass and concrete flooring and an LED lighting system for the facilityLockheed has been working with the Australian government to refurbire the facility, which is one in the United States, which provides aerospace services to the military and government.

Key facts:Lockrods has been contracted by the Australian Government to refurbishment the facility at a cost of $15,000 per floor to be replaced with a new, brighter and fresher glass and reinforced concrete floor covering.

Lockheed says it will invest $1.5 million of the money it receives to replace the glass and cement flooring with a fresh coat of paint.

The refurbishment project is expected to take between six and nine months, Lockheed said.

It will also include installing a new LED lighting solution and installing a ventilation system.

Lockroels cleanrooms have been undergoing refurbishment since June 2019, the Australian Business Traveller reports.

It has been at the centre of a dispute with the company’s subcontractor, who was contracted to build the facility in 2017.

In January, the company launched an internal review into the company over the process.

In response to the allegations, Lockheed was awarded the $15M in refurbishment, which will be repaid in the form of an additional $2.6 million for the next five years, according to the company.

Lockwood said it is committed to continuing to work closely with the Government to improve the facility.

“This award demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of cleanrooms for our aerospace customers and customers in Australia, and we remain committed to improving our facilities for all of our clients,” Lockheed spokesman Dave Kober said.


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