Trump administration officials’ plan to overhaul ‘sick care’ website is flawed, watchdog warns

The Trump administration on Thursday said it will make its own version of the federal health care website, while warning that the existing system has “some serious flaws.”

In a press release, the Office of Management and Budget said the government website will include “the full range of preventive care services that are currently available through the Affordable Care Act.”

But the administration said it has not yet settled on a new system.

“This effort should be done carefully, including in consultation with state and local health departments and providers, and that process should take into account the most effective approach to meeting the needs of all Americans,” the administration stated.

The website will be designed by a nonprofit group called “Healthy Americans” and will be run by a team led by a former HHS official, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who has since been tapped to head the White House Office of Health Care Policy.

President Donald Trump is known to be a fan of the Affordable Healthcare Act, which he has repeatedly promised to repeal.

In April, the president told reporters that he is “very confident” that the Affordable Health Care Act will be repealed.

It’s unclear what the administration will do about the existing website, which has served as a portal for people to shop for health insurance, compare plans and pay for medical care.