How to Fix AirKey Cleanroom and Soudal Silirub (Videos)

How to fix AirKey cleanroom and soudab cleanroom in Columbia, the US, according to a new video from Vimeo user Kati-Lena, titled “How to Fix Columbian AirKey and Soodal Silirisub.”

It was uploaded on January 11, 2017.

The video shows a man cleaning airkeys in the Soudala cleanroom at the Columbi airport.

It is a “specially cleaned” airkey and there is a plastic bag in the cleanroom that contains airkeys, according the video.

Kati told Vimeo that she went into the Soodala clean room to fix an airkey that was broken.

The airkey had been stored for 10 days in the airkey box.

“The next day, the cleaner took out the airkeys from the box and cleaned them with a cotton ball and a paper towel.

They were cleaned in a bucket, and I then took out two more airkeys,” she said.

“I then used my hands to fix a water tank, and then I fixed the other airkey.

After that, I was able to clean the entire room.”

“After that, all the air keys were fixed,” she continued.

“And after that, the cleaning was complete.”

Kati said she has since learned about a new airkey repair program, which was announced by AirKeys last year.

“When I learned about AirKeys, I thought they were the next best thing, but I have been able to learn from others,” she added.

“They are also more efficient than the airlifts in terms of cleaning air keys, which are quite expensive.

AirKeys are very expensive, and they are also very inefficient.

So I thought it was a good idea to fix the airKeys before they get broken.”

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