How to clean the house in the NFL’s new, smaller locker room

The locker room is now just a little bit smaller, with the new iPad, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available for sale in the same stores that carry the old ones.

The iPads, priced at $249, $349 and $499, are available at Staples, Target and Apple Stores, as well as Best Buy, Amazon and Best Buy Kids stores.

The iPhones 6 Plus, priced $499 and $699, are also available at Target and, as is the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 is a significant improvement over the original iPad, which was the only new product in the locker room.

The iPad’s battery lasted five days, compared to two and a half on the iPad 2.

The new iPhones have the same battery life as the iPad 1, but the larger display is a nice upgrade.

And Apple is making the iPhones smaller by cutting down the overall size of the device, too.

There’s also a new keyboard on the new iPads, too, which should make the keyboards more comfortable to type on.

There are also new Bluetooth headphones and a new version of Apple’s Siri voice assistant, which you can use to answer your questions and play games on the big screen.

You can find the new iPhones at the Apple Store and Target.

The Apple iPad is available now, and you can also pick up the iPad 6 in select stores.