Cleanroom: Why it’s time for a new era of space tourism

The future of space exploration is changing rapidly, and the best way to keep it on track is by bringing our nation’s best cleanrooms online.

The Australian Space Agency (AASA) says there is a growing demand for cleaner, more sustainable spaces for astronauts and tourists, and a growing interest in the idea of going beyond the confines of Earth orbit.AASa has developed a new initiative to bring its cleaning and air filtration facilities online for those wanting to do more in space.

The cleanrooms will provide access to the latest technology, from sensors and robots to automated machines.

It’s a major step forward in the future of cleanrooms as well as providing access to some of the world’s most innovative technologies.

We’re going to be able to make a lot more of that available, and it’s important that we get this right, said AASa chairman, Dr David Giesbrecht.

“If you look at the way we’re going about the business of the AASA, it’s very much a partnership.

We’re very much working with the space industry to try and do things together that are going to provide more efficient and cleaner processes for us to use and we can provide more of a safe environment for us.”

The space agency has spent the past four years developing its plans for how to provide cleanrooms to astronauts, and is now offering a test of the new facilities in March, before the first cleanrooms are put online by 2021.

There will be no charge for the facility, and visitors will be able use the facilities free of charge.

It is hoped that this test will show whether or not the technology can work in the long term, and if the technology works, will be the foundation of an automated cleanroom service in space, which would be able access the latest science and engineering technologies to keep us safe and safe again.

The cleanrooms also allow for other uses of the facilities, including education, as well to ensure the safety of visitors.

Dr Giesbecht said the test would be the first step towards making the facilities available for use by the public.

“We want to get the technology into the public sector so that they can go and do their own things, do their work, and then have a cleanroom available to them.

It’s a great opportunity for the AISA to be a part of the next phase of this transformation.”

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